I am passionate about the work I do and love serving my clients who come from Ft. Lauderdale and the surrounding South Florida areas. Seeing my clients get rid of anxiety from their lives is the greatest reward. Read the testimonials below for success stories from clients who struggled with anxiety and professional recommendations from health care providers that refer my services.


Client Success Stories

“The first time I had a panic attack I ended up in an emergency room. I thought I was dying or losing my mind. Medications that doctors prescribed to me in the past seemed to help a little but then would eventually stop having any effect. Roberta used cognitive behavioral therapy with me in counseling and really taught me how to handle my anxiety. I have a new way of thinking about things and my anxiety and panic attacks are under control.”


“I cannot thank Roberta enough for all that she has done for us. My daughter was struggling with anxiety and avoiding going to school because of it. She started experiencing panic attacks when she started high school. I think it was because she had a hard time making the transition from 8th grade to Freshman year. I hated seeing my daughter suffer so much. I was worried that she was always going to have anxiety. In the past she had been to a few therapists before and never connected with anyone and didn’t like going to therapy. Roberta was so different from the others we had seen before. She incorporated lots of creative activities with my daughter in therapy to keep her engaged and interested. I am so happy to say that Roberta helped my daughter stop having anxiety and she doesn’t get panic attacks anymore. I am so grateful to finally see my daughter happy.”


“My wife begged me to go to therapy for years but I never went and chose to take meds instead. My anxiety had been an issue for me for a long time and the meds that my doctor prescribed never really got my anxiety under control. Roberta showed me the tools I needed to stop feeling so anxious and worried all the time. Therapy gave me coping skills and new ways to deal with my stress and anxiety in healthy ways.”


“As a mother I felt worried all the time that my kids would notice my anxiety. I also worried that my anxious behavior would rub off on them and that they would eventually get anxiety too. I would get panic attacks when I had to drive on the highway. Because of that I started avoiding driving on I-95 completely. It got in the way of taking my kids to their soccer and dance activities. It put a strain on my marriage because my husband would have to carry more of the load because my anxiety stopped me from getting everything done that I needed to. I finally decided that I had enough and went to counseling. Roberta used Cognitive Behavioral therapy with me and it changed my life. I finally stopped having panic attacks. I feel more present in my life and more present for my family.”

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Recommendations From Professionals

“I have referred my patients to Roberta Alves and I will continue to do so because I know that she is talented and successfully helps her clients. She is extremely dedicated and passionate about the work she does. We have collaborated working with the same patient at the same time, creating a specialized approach for each one. In this team approach I provide medication consultation through psychiatric services, and Roberta provides talk therapy and psychoeducation . Our results have been great with our patients reaping the highest benefit.”
Dr. Robert Antoine, MD, Board Certified Psychiatrist


“Roberta is talented, caring, and genuine. She has the amazing ability to quickly connect with her clients and those around her. Roberta and I worked together at PACE Center for Girls where I had the opportunity to see her in action. I always felt touched and inspired by her interactions with the students she provided therapeutic services for. She has an amazing sense of humor, is extremely warm, and works from a strength based approach to empower her clients to succeed. I truly loved working with Roberta and I highly recommend her.”
Stacey Mednick, Social Services Manager at PACE Center for Girls Broward


“Roberta is gifted and knowledgeable, she knows exactly how to help her clients through the toughest times in their lives. She has the ability and wisdom, along with the compassion and genuine caring which sets her apart from the others. I highly recommend Roberta!”
Susan Mitchell, Owner of Health Oriented- Acupuncture Physician & Herbalist


“I have referred many of my clients to Roberta from my practice. All those who have gone to her absolutely love her and are impressed with the work she does. She has helped many in the Brazilian community and it is so wonderful to have someone that can speak the language and understand the Brazilian culture.”
Marina Correia, Owner of New Life Acupuncture- Acupuncture Physician



If you are ready to learn the techniques that will help you overcome anxiety and become a success story please contact me to schedule an appointment and let’s get started!

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