If you are struggling with anxiety and want to get rid of it you have come to the right place. In addition to being a therapist I am also a Certified Anxiety Specialist through the National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists. I love my job because I give my clients the tools and proven techniques they need to eliminate anxiety from their lives. I am passionate about helping people stop experiencing anxiety and start experiencing their life the way they want to.


Anxiety Affects Your Thoughts

Anxiety brings an overwhelming feeling of constant worry and fear along with intrusive racing thoughts that can be debilitating. Anxiety can get so out of control that it can stop you from enjoying your life. It is common for people experiencing anxiety to say that they feel “out of control”, “feel like I am going crazy”, and “I don’t feel like myself”. When you experience anxiety, negative and irrational thoughts can flood your mind and feel overpowering. You might have the same negative thoughts that make you feel anxious, nervous, and uneasy all day long.

Anxiety is the constant worry about what will happen in the future with the expectation that it will result in a negative outcome. A question like “what if” can quickly snow ball into excessive anxiety ridden thoughts and make you feel out of control. Have you ever lied in bed dreading what will happen tomorrow at work or in a social setting? Anxiety can make you want to avoid things you need to do, or to participate in things you used to enjoy.

Anxiety Affects You Physically

Anxiety wreaks havoc not only on your mind but your body as well. Have you ever noticed that you can feel utterly drained of energy? Do you ever feel muscle tightness in your neck, back, or shoulder area? Does your stomach feel like it is doing cartwheels when you are anxious? High levels of anxiety can result in the following physical symptoms: chest pains, dizziness, restlessness, difficulty sleeping, heart palpitations, tremors, muscle tension, diarrhea, nausea, stomach discomfort, and shortness of breath. People who experience anxiety often complain about not feeling physically well.

Learn How to Stop Anxiety

The good news is that anxiety does not need to rule your life! In counseling you will learn how to stop anxiety from attacking your mind and body. I specialize in using a type of therapy that is based on research and scientific evidence called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Numerous research studies have proven that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is highly effective in treating anxiety. I will teach you techniques that will get your mind and body to relax when you are faced with anxiety. Imagine how good it will feel when your body is free from tension, you are sleeping well, and you have peace of mind. I will teach you the evidence based techniques to stop engaging in the negative and irrational thinking patterns that caused your anxiety. You will leave our counseling sessions empowered with practical tools that you can use everyday. Imagine feeling like you are in control of your life again, that your mind is at ease, and you are free from constant worry.

I am happy to share that I have a high success rate of helping my clients eliminate anxiety from their lives. This is because I specialize in anxiety treatment and use a scientific and evidence based approach called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Please contact me to schedule an appointment today to learn the techniques that will remove anxiety from your life.

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