If you are struggling with anxiety and you want to get back control, you have come to the right place. Anxiety can feel like an unbeatable force that affects multiple aspects of your life. This is because anxiety affects how you think, how you physically feel, and how you act. Your anxiety might be getting in the way of you performing at work, interrupt your social life, and get in the way of your relationships with your family and friends.


Anxiety Affects Your Thoughts

Anxiety brings an overwhelming feeling of constant worry and fear along with intrusive racing thoughts that can be debilitating. It is common for people experiencing anxiety to say:

“I feel out of control”

“I feel like I am going crazy”

“I don’t feel like myself”

When you experience anxiety, negative and irrational thoughts can flood your mind and feel overpowering. You might have the same negative thoughts that make you feel worried, nervous, and uneasy all day long.

Anxiety is the constant worry about what will happen in the future with the expectation that something bad will happen. Do you ever feel like you’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop? Have you ever noticed that the thoughts that you have that make you feel anxious often start with the phrase “what if”? A question like “what if” can quickly snow ball into numerous negative thoughts that make you overwhelmed, nervous, and scared. Have you ever lied in bed dreading what will happen tomorrow at work or in a social setting? Your anxiety might have even gotten so out of control that you started avoiding things you need to do, or to participate in things you used to enjoy.

Anxiety Affects You Physically

Anxiety wreaks havoc not only on your mind but your body as well. People who experience anxiety often complain about not feeling physically well. Below are some ways that anxiety can manifest itself in physical ways. Ask yourself the following questions to see whether anxiety has been affecting you physically.

  • Have you ever noticed that you can feel utterly drained of energy?
  • Do you ever feel muscle soreness in your neck, back, or shoulder area?
  • Does your stomach feel like it is doing cartwheels or you have butterflies when you are anxious?
  • Do you have difficulty sleeping?
  • Do you have chest pains or feel tightness in your chest?
  • Do you ever experience dizziness?
  • Do you struggle with being restless?
  • Is your appetite a lot lower than normal?
  • Does your heart rate ever get accelerated?
  • Do you experience muscle tension in your body?
  • Do you get diarrhea, nausea, or stomach discomfort?
  • Do you experience shortness of breath?

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You Can Learn How to Overcome Anxiety

The good news is that anxiety does not need to keep ruling your life!!! In counseling you will learn how to stop anxiety from attacking your mind and body. I am not the kind of therapist in which you will sit on a couch and just vent about your feelings and how your day went. I want to arm you with solution focused and practical techniques to combat your anxiety. In our sessions together, I will teach you how to challenge and change the negative thinking you have been engaging in which caused your anxiety. During each session you will learn a new technique, and then on your own for homework you will practice the technique in your daily life. I want you to think of me as a personal trainer that you have hired to get your mind in the best shape possible.

I Will Teach You Practical Techniques to:

  • Become aware of the negative thoughts that you have that have been holding you back
  • Challenge and replace the constant negative thoughts that run through your head
  • Create new thoughts that are more positive, rational, and based in the present moment
  • Interrupt and stop your thoughts when they are racing and spiraling out of control
  • Stop engaging in behaviors that lead you to avoid the things you need to do and want to do
  • Learn relaxation and meditation skills that will relieve the emotional and physical discomfort that anxiety causes

Imagine How Good It Will Feel When….

  • Your body is free from tension and physical discomfort
  • You sleep great throughout the night
  • You are performing at your best at work and at home
  • You no longer have racing thoughts and instead have peace of mind
  • Avoidance is no longer a part of your life, and you are capable of doing all the things you want to do
  • You have back control of your life and feel like yourself again

I am happy to share that I have a high success rate of helping my clients that struggle with anxiety. This is because I arm them with practical techniques and tools they need to fight anxiety. Please contact me to schedule an appointment today and stop letting anxiety rule your life.