Does your teen constantly worry? Do they get overwhelmed and nervous? Is their anxiety causing them to avoid school, socializing with other kids, or participating in activities? Do they suffer from test anxiety? Imagine instead that your child feels confident, secure, safe, and worry free. In addition to being a Licensed Mental Health Counselor I am also a Certified Anxiety Specialist. I specialize in using a scientific and evidence based therapy called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It is has been scientifically proven to be highly effective in treating anxiety. I will teach your teen research proven techniques that will allow them to be more relaxed when they are faced with stress and anxiety. I will teach your teen evidence based techniques to stop engaging in the negative and irrational thinking patterns that caused their anxiety. Your teen will leave every counseling session empowered with the right tools to stop experiencing anxiety.

Most therapists choose not to work with teens because they feel they are difficult clients to treat and are resistant to therapy. I disagree because I actually LOVE working with teens! I have vast experience with this age group as I have worked as a therapist and Clinical Director with boys and girls ages 10-18. I truly loved working with teens along with their families at my previous positions at the Lippman Youth Shelter, PACE Center for Girls, and the Pompano Youth Treatment Center.

Working with this age group is a special gift because providing support and guidance to someone at a critical point in their early years can have truly transformative effects. I excel at developing a great rapport and strong bond with teens in order to deliver highly effective counseling. In addition to working with your teen to eliminate anxiety from their life we will also work on:

  • Self-esteem & self confidence
  • Peer relationships & peer pressure
  • Academic achievement
  • Coping with parents’ separation or divorce
  • Bullying
  • Issues with internet, texting, and social media use
  • Time management & organizational skills
  • Family unity
  • Improving social skills
  • College prep

I am lucky to share that I have a high success rate of helping teens eliminate anxiety from their lives. This is because I specialize in anxiety treatment and use a scientific and evidence based approach. If your teen would benefit from anxiety treatment please feel free to call and schedule an appointment today.

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