You have noticed changes in your teen’s behavior and mood and are worried about how they are doing. You are not quite sure what is causing their distress but you think it might be anxiety. Have you noticed that your teen:

  • Spends a lot of time worrying
  • Has a difficult time concentrating like they used to
  • Thinks that things that haven’t happened yet will go wrong or turn out badly
  • Gets really anxious before a test or big project
  • Has less of an appetite
  • Feels nervous often
  • Gets overwhelmed easily
  • Worries about getting embarrassing in front of their friends or other kids at school
  • Thinks that their friends and other kids at school are constantly judging them
  • Wants to avoid going to school, hanging out with friends, or participate in activities
  • Has been having a hard time sleeping


Imagine instead your teen feels confident and has healthy coping skills to deal with their stress. Envision your teen being able to manage their anxiety and living up to their full potential.

I would love the opportunity to work with your teen to help them gain practical skills to deal with their anxiety. In counseling your teen will learn to change the negative and irrational thinking they have been engaging in which has caused their anxiety. I will teach them specific techniques to shift their thinking patterns to be more rational, healthy, present focused, and positive.

Your teen will also learn multiple relaxation skills they can use on a daily basis to combat their anxiety and stress level. These relaxation techniques will help your teen learn how to slow their racing thoughts, improve their focus, quiet their mind, and improve their sleep.

I understand that anxiety does not happen in a bubble. Your teen’s anxiety might be spilling over into other areas of their life and making things more difficult. In addition to working with your teen to deal with anxiety I can also work with them on:

  • Social skills and communication skills
  • Self-esteem
  • Peer relationships & peer pressure
  • Academic performance
  • Coping with separation or divorce
  • Time management & organizational skills
  • Bullying
  • Issues with internet, cell phone, and social media use
  • Preparing for college

If your teen would benefit from learning practical techniques to deal with their anxiety please call me to schedule an appointment today.

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