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Trouble with Anxiety, FL

If anxiety & stress management brought you here

Anxiety can make you feel stuck, without any forward movement in your life. It can even get so bad for some that it stops them from accomplishing the things they need to do. Nothing should ever get ahold of anyone like that. You deserve to gain practical techniques to quiet your over analytical mind.

If self-esteem brought you here

Struggling with self-esteem might be something from your past or something brand new for you. You might have started down that road as a child, teen, or more recently in adulthood. Maybe something recently triggered you, such as getting fired, a breakup, or recent weight gain. Whatever the trigger, constantly beating yourself up with negative self talk can be unbearable.

Trouble with Self Esteem, FL
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If chronic illnesses brought you here

Having a chronic illness can make even just the day-to-day a struggle. It’s hard physically, emotionally, and mentally. When our bodies don’t feel good, it’s no wonder our mental health suffers too, and vice-versa. Therapy for chronic illnesses can help you build a repertoire of tools to cope with the bad days and flourish on the good days.

You can do it, you just need the tools.

The good news is you are more than capable of tapping into your inner strength and kicking anxiety or low self-esteem in the ass! You just need the right tools to do it. Read below about all the benefits you can gain from counseling with a therapist that uses cognitive behavioral therapy. It’s a specific approach to therapy that is solution focused and brief. I explain how CBT works here and my 3 part counseling system here.

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Benefits you will gain in counseling whether you want to overcome your anxiety or improve your self-esteem.

  • Learn techniques that will interrupt and shift you away from your negative thoughts
  • Gain tools to become aware of when you are engaging in behaviors that add to your worrying (anxiety) or self criticisms (self-esteem)
  • Improve your focus and concentration levels so that you can perform better at work and home
  • Become more present in your life so that you are a better partner/parent/friend/family member
  • Master relaxation techniques to gain better peace of mind 
  • Use those same relaxation techniques to improve sleep, fatigue, and mental fog
  • Start to truly understand and then LIVE out the meaning of I LOVE, VALUE AND RESPECT MYSELF
  • Take anxiety & low self-esteem out of the driver seat and gain control of your life

I understand that anxiety and low self-esteem do not always exist in a vacuum. They can have a ripple effect on your life and cause problems in other areas as well. Below are common areas that anxiety and self-esteem tend to have an effect on which you might be struggling with. I also provide counseling for: 

Areas of Specialty

Phobias & fears
Difficulty decision making
Imposter syndrome
Chronic Illness
Dating for Singles

Get on the path to move past anxiety & low self-esteem

I would love the opportunity to work with you to start your journey towards a life that is no longer limited by anxiety or low self-esteem.

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