Online Therapy Offered to All Residents of Florida


Online Therapy Offered to All Residents of Florida

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I created a three part therapy system for people struggling with anxiety that I have been taking all my clients through since I opened my private practice in 2013. Each of our sessions will be focused on the end goal of you getting control of your anxiety and for you to become the happiest and healthiest version of you.

A System Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

With my system, you will be able to walk away with actionable techniques that you can use for the rest of your life. Many of my clients get through my system and reach their goals quickly. That’s because my system is founded on cognitive behavioral therapy, which is a brief and solution based approach.

Step 1 Ninja Skills


Become a mind ninja (AKA get effective techniques to fight off your sworn enemies anxiety & stress.)

You will learn practical techniques to challenge and replace all the negative thoughts that are causing your anxiety. I will teach you strategies to put an end to the constant loop of unproductive thoughts that are keeping you worried, stressed, and overwhelmed. These techniques will break the negative thinking pattern that you developed at some point in your life. It’s a thinking pattern that became so automatic to you that you probably didn’t even realize it. Until one day it all erupted when the sh*t hit the fan and you started really struggling with anxiety.

Skills that are quick & easy to use because your time is valuable

I’m going to train you to be a “mind ninja,” knocking out negative and unproductive thoughts to make your mind a strong fortress. When these unhelpful thoughts pop up, you will have multiple techniques to choose from to fight them. Don’t worry, I’ll  break all the skills and techniques down for you to use in simple steps so you won’t get overwhelmed.

These skills and techniques will easily fit in your daily routine, no matter how busy and hectic your life is. Many of my clients are entrepreneurs, work in high stress, demanding industries, or are professional athletes, so I understand that your time is valuable. Your schedule is full, your to do list is never ending, and I don’t want to add on to your stress. That’s why many of the techniques from my system only take one minute or less to use. Imagine getting relief from your anxious thoughts, at any moment, throughout a tough day in just a minute.

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Relaxation techniques to address the physical toll of stress & anxiety.

You will learn multiple relaxation techniques to treat all the physical symptoms that you’re experiencing due to the stress and anxiety you’re going through. Don’t worry, I’m not going to make you sit on the floor with your legs crossed meditating like a Buddhist monk for hours. Many of the relaxation techniques I will teach you range from just 1-5 minutes to complete.

Benefits go beyond just controlling anxiety.

These relaxation techniques will take your body out of fight or flight mode and bring your adrenaline down. Your body being in constant fight or flight mode is causing you to feel the awful physical symptoms of anxiety. The benefits of using these relaxation techniques are endless, even after you get control of your anxiety. You will be able to use this toolbox of techniques years from now to improve your performance at work, school, and to enhance your overall well being. Imagine feeling recharged, sleeping better, having a higher level of concentration, quieting your mind, and knowing how to just RELAX!

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Maintenance: Keep your success once you’ve achieved it

An important part of my system is the final stage of maintenance and relapse prevention. There was a missing key or problem I noticed when I was in graduate school to become a therapist, and started to get to know how therapists work. Many people that go through therapy “slack off” once they get better. They stop using the techniques they learned in counseling once they reach their goals.

The therapists they went to never stressed to them the importance of maintenance. So of course, how would they know they had to continue using the techniques to keep the success they achieved. I noticed the only therapists that actually did stress maintenance were addiction counselors. In that field, people continue to work on their sobriety way past counseling prevent relapse. They achieve this by going to AA/NA meetings and having sponsors.

A customized plan just for you

I noticed people who had anxiety that didn’t have a maintenance plan would relapse with anxiety over and over again. Their anxiety would go away the first time they went to counseling, and they would stop using their techniques. Then later down the road, when a triggering or stressful life event came along, BOOM anxiety came right back. I NEVER want this happening to anyone.

I always joke with my clients and tell them that I love them dearly, but at the end of our work together, I hope to never see their faces again. I say that because I don’t ever want them to relapse and suffer with anxiety again. That’s why I stress the importance of having a maintenance plan to keep up with their skills. I will customize a plan for you based on the techniques you connected with the most and gave you the best results. During this final stage, you are not using your skills as frequently or as hard when you were at a high level of anxiety and stress. You’re not in full “mind ninja” mode, just Karate Kid mode.

Let’s get started with my 3 part counseling system so that you can reach the happiest and healthiest version of you.

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