Anxiety can feel like an unbeatable force that can have an influence on multiple aspects of your life. This is because anxiety can change how you think, how you physically feel, and how you act. Your anxiety is probably getting in the way of how you’re doing at work, how you’re getting along with your family and friends, and even stopping you from achieving your goals. When anxiety is consuming so many parts of your life you can feel like anxiety has taken over.



Anxiety Can Take Over Your Thoughts

Anxiety can bring on an overwhelming feeling of nonstop worry and fear along with thoughts that you wish you could run away from. It is common for people experiencing anxiety to express some of the thoughts below:

“My mind is constantly going”

“I don’t feel present in my life”

“I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop”

“I feel like I am going crazy”

“I don’t feel like myself”



When you experience anxiety, negative and irrational thoughts can flood your mind and feel overpowering. If they are running through your head on a constant loop they can leave you feeling very frustrated, exhausted, and even irritable. Anxiety is worrying about what will happen in the future with the expectation that something bad will happen. You might have noticed that your thoughts often run off on their own and end up in the worst case scenario. Pay attention and notice how many of your negative thoughts start with the phrase “what if”.

“What if I can’t get everything done on my to do list?”

“What if I mess up at work and my boss notices?”

“What if my partner leaves me because of my anxiety?”

“What if this weird thing on my skin means I have cancer?”

“What if I have anxiety forever?”



A question like “what if” can quickly snow ball into numerous negative thoughts that make you feel overwhelmed, nervous, and even full on panicked. Your anxiety might have even gotten so out of control that you started avoiding things you need to do, or to enjoy things you used to love doing.



Anxiety Can Change How You Feel Physically

Anxiety can wreak havoc not only on your mind but your body too. People who experience anxiety often complain about not feeling physically well. Below are some ways that anxiety can manifest itself in physical ways. It is very common for people who are experiencing the physical symptoms of anxiety to go to their doctor for multiple check ups looking for an answer to why they are feeling so sick, only to receive test results to reflect that nothing is medically wrong. Ask yourself the following questions to see whether anxiety has been affecting you physically.

  • Have you ever noticed that you can feel utterly drained of energy? Like you ran a marathon at the end of the day?
  • Do you ever feel muscle soreness or muscle tension in your body?
  • Does your stomach feel like it is doing cartwheels or you have butterflies when you are anxious?
  • Do you ever have difficulty sleeping?
  • Do you have chest pains or feel tightness in your chest?
  • Has your appetite been lower than usual?
  • Do you get stomach discomfort? It can even manifest as nausea or diarrhea in some people.
  • Do you ever notice you have shortness of breath or have difficulty breathing?
  • Do you ever experience dizziness?
  • Do you ever notice your heart rate increases when you are more anxious?


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You Can Learn How to Overcome Anxiety!!!

The good news is that anxiety does not need to keep ruling your life!!! In counseling you can learn how to stop anxiety from attacking your mind and body. I am not the kind of therapist in which you will sit on a couch and just vent about your feelings and how your day went. Or spend a million therapy sessions going deep into your childhood telling me that your parents didn’t buy you a bicycle for your birthday because that just isn’t going to make your anxiety go away. Instead, I want to arm you with solution focused and effective techniques to overcome your anxiety. In our sessions together, I will teach you how to challenge and change the negative thinking you have been engaging in which caused your anxiety in the first place. 



During our sessions I will teach the techniques you need to start kicking anxiety in the butt, and then on your own you will start applying these techniques into your daily life. Don’t worry, I will break the techniques down into simple steps for you so you won’t get overwhelmed. I will also help you easily apply them into your daily life and create a routine for you so you have the greatest chance for success.  



I want you to think of me as a personal trainer that you have hired to get your mind into the best shape possible. Just like a personal trainer, I will teach you specific techniques you need to whip your “brain muscle” into shape. I will be there to cheer you on and give you support every step of the way, but also call you out and hold you accountable so you work steadily towards your goals. If you start to doubt yourself, I will be there to remind you that “You’ve got this!” because you deserve to break free from the anxiety cycle. 


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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Ft. Lauderdale

I specialize in using a type of therapy called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is based on scientific evidence and research. Numerous research studies have shown that it is highly effective in treating anxiety. I know the name Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sounds really complicated and fancy, but it is not as complicated as it sounds. As you read on further down this page I will explain how using this approach will help you  and it will make more sense. The most important thing you need to know at this moment is that it gets results for people suffering with anxiety. Google Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and see for yourself. It has actual data behind it to show that it is successful in treating anxiety. That is why I use it, and of course I have seen it with my own eyes with all the clients I have had in my years of practice.



The average amount of sessions a client works with me to overcome their anxiety is 10 to 12 sessions. That is one of the great benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, it is solution focused and brief. Of course your progress and success depends on the amount of effort and work you put in. I love using the analogy of going to the gym and trying to reach body goals. If you slack off and skip the gym while sitting home and stuffing your face with pizza and cookies you won’t get results as quickly as you would if you diligently worked out and ate healthy. I created a program of techniques that you will learn in each of our sessions that will give you the skills and knowledge you need to defeat anxiety. Read below to understand the benefits you will gain from us using this program and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy together in counseling. 



Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques Will Help You:

  • Become aware of the negative and irrational thoughts that have been holding you back and causing your anxiety
  • Challenge and replace those anxious thoughts with healthier more productive ones
  • Create new thoughts that are more positive, rational, and based in the present moment
  • Interrupt and stop your negative and anxious thoughts when they are racing and spiraling out of control
  • Stop engaging in behaviors that lead you to avoid the things you need and want to do
  • Learn relaxation and meditation skills that will relieve the emotional and physical discomfort that anxiety causes

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Imagine How Good It Will Feel When….

  • Your body is free from tension and physical discomfort, and you can just RELAX!
  • You sleep great throughout the night
  • You are performing at your best at work and at home
  • You no longer have constant negative thoughts, and instead have peace of mind
  • Avoidance is no longer a part of your life, and you are capable of doing everything you want and need to do
  • You are reaching the goals you set for yourself and living your best life
  • You feel fully present in your life
  • Anxiety is no longer limiting you and you have control of your life



If you are ready to learn the techniques to overcome anxiety and take control of your life, contact me to schedule an appointment in my office in Ft. Lauderdale or from the comfort of your own home or office via a video session and let’s get started!